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Festal 20 tab

Festal® - three-enzyme preparation to improve digestion, which compensates for the lack of enzymes for digestion, and helps the absorption of vitamins and minerals (A, E, K +) .

SmectaGo - 1 sachet

Smecta Go for acute diarrhea 3 g

Cosmetic agent "Supertschistotelo" 3.0 ml

Cosmetic liquid for quick disposal of warts and papillomas. Effectively affects keratinized skin. Before use, carefully read the instructions (alkali).

Hydrogen Peroxide 2.8% 100ml

Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen, and is considered the world's safest all natural sanitizer.

Home Doctor Burdock Oil anti-Dandruff 100ml

With Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary.

Nanoplast Forte 3 pcs

Nanoplast Forte Therapeutic Anti-Inflammatory Anesthetic Patch. 7x9 cm

The Kuznecov's Massager No. 112

The Kuznecov's Massager No. 112, 26x44 cm

"BRONCHOSIP" Syrup with Herbs, 100ml

It is used for diseases of the respiratory tract. It has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, anti-allergic, antimicrobial effects.

Inhalipt 30ml

Ingalipt - has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, used in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mouth and throat.

Acupressure mat, 67x42x1.5 cm - 1 pcs

Acupressure mat, 67x42x1.5 cm, 230 acupuncture modules with 27 tips each

Nanoplast Forte 9 pcs

Nanoplast Forte Therapeutic Anti-Inflammatory Anesthetic Patch. 3x8cm