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Sea buckthorn oil 50 ml

Oil of Sea-buckthorn Altai. Gold of Altai, High-quality. Registered Brand, Wide Range of Applications. 50 ml

Corvalol Tablets, 20 tab

Active substance: Peppermint leaf oil + Phenobarbital + Ethyl bromoisovalerianate

Festal 20 tab

Festal® - three-enzyme preparation to improve digestion, which compensates for the lack of enzymes for digestion, and helps the absorption of vitamins and minerals (A, E, K +) .

Cosmetic agent "Supertschistotelo" 3.0 ml

Cosmetic liquid for quick disposal of warts and papillomas. Effectively affects keratinized skin. Before use, carefully read the instructions (alkali).

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 100ml

Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen, and is considered the world's safest all natural sanitizer.

Home Doctor Burdock Oil anti-Dandruff 100ml

With Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary.

Nanoplast Forte 3 pcs

Nanoplast Forte Therapeutic Anti-Inflammatory Anesthetic Patch. 7x9 cm

The Kuznecov's Massager No. 112

The Kuznecov's Massager No. 112, 26x44 cm

Boric alcohol 3% 25ml.

The appearance of the product may differ from that shown depending on the delivery. Thank you for understanding.

Nanoplast Forte 9 pcs

Nanoplast Forte Therapeutic Anti-Inflammatory Anesthetic Patch. 3x8cm