Activated Carbon 10 tab


Activated carbon - is a long-proven tool with unique properties of "absorption" of harmful substances that enter our body with food and drinks. In today's articles on health and beauty, you can see many examples of how to cleanse the body and get rid of toxins and toxins. Activated carbon - is a sorbent that absorbs a substance having a small molecular structure. It is absolutely harmless. You probably noticed that the black pharmacy pill has a slightly porous structure, which is understandable, since it is made ​​from organic substances containing carbon. These substances include coal coke, charcoal, coconut and porous surface further enhances the adsorption process. A high percentage of porosity and makes the effect of the drug more pronounced, hence the name - activated. This tool can save the body from food poisoning, as it removes harmful substances that enter our body with poor quality food. Therefore, activated carbon - is our indispensable assistant while traveling. If the human body is penetrated intestinal bacteria, then the drug to cope with the waste products of microbes, taking all the harm itself. That

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