Cottage Glazed Cheese With Vanilla "Karums" 45g


Chocolate glazed mini cheesecakes are traditional glazed curd treats that have become a big favourite with both children and grownups all over Europe.

Day or night, rain or frost, little children are restless – they sparkle with energy, unable to remain in one place. However, the time period between lunch and dinner is very long for the little tummy, therefore after a short while there begins a search for a treat to regain energy.

Curd snacks are perfect for breakfast, a small snack or dessert. Inside a chocolate-coated glazed curd treat you will find delicious curd naturaly flavoured with a tasty filling.

A healthy alternative to chocolate and cakes - mini cheesecakes! All Karums products are preservative-free and natural. It is a filling, energy restoring product rich in protein and a whole spectrum of other important elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, vitamins A and B12, magnesium, carbohydrates and zinc.

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