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Home Doctor Burdock Oil anti-Dandruff 100ml

With Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary.


The result: well-groomed and beautiful hair!

Borum Soap 90g

Borum Soap for Face and Body with Boric Acid, Mink Fat for Remove Acne, Clogged Pores, Cleansing of Excess Fat.

Liquid soap "Tar" 300 ml

Unique in its properties, soap, with natural birch tar, does not contain artificial colors and perfume additives.

Organic Toothpaste 75ml

Gum health and enamel strengthening Fluoride-free

Splat Blackwood Whitening Toothpaste Dark Mint 75g

Specially for those strong in spirit! Powerful whitening and normalisation of pH balance in oral cavity.

Splat Juicy Ice-Cream Junior Strengthening Toothpaste 35ml

Perfect for vulnerable children's enamel and particularly sensitive adult teeth.

Splat Professional Biocalcium Toothpaste 100 ml

Protective enamel restoration and safe whitening. Fluoride-free

Splat Professional Medical Herbs Toothpaste 100 ml

Comprehensive protection and prevention of gingival inflammations. Anti-inflammatory effects on gums Fluoride content: 0.1%

Splat Professional White Plus toothpaste 100ml


Splat Sensitive Professional 100ml

Professional Oral Care.

Splat Special Dream Toothpaste 75g Strawberry Mint

Whitening toothpaste for fortune seekers. Fluoride free.

Splat Toothpaste Aromatherapy 100ml

Complete protection and nighttime oral care.Fluoride-free

Toothpaste Extreme White 75ml

Effective home whitening by 2 tones Fluoride content: 0.05%, vegan‑friendly

Toothpaste for Children "Pervyj Zubik" 50ml

Age 0+ with aloe vera.

Cream children's "Tick-tock" classic 41g

The cream is a perfect cosmetic for the care of delicate and sensitive skin of children.

Cream for Сhildren 40мл

Universal remedy cream is designed for daily care of sensitive and baby skin.

BIO-Face Day Cream Moisturizing 24hours 50 Ml

Normal and Combination Skin

Hair Balm "Sea buckthorn", 200 ml

For dry and damaged hair.

Goat's Milk Rose Oil Face Day Cream 50ml

Agiva Roses Moisturizing & Revitalizing Anti-wrinkle Day Face Cream Goat's Milk Protein, Rosa Damascena Oil, Argan Oil & Q10 Complex for Normal to Mixed Skin

Prestige Rose and Pearl Nourishing Cream 50 ml

Prestige Rose and Pearl Nourishing Cream with almond and avocado oil 24 hours for all skin types and ages 50 ml

Rose and Joghurt Milk Concentrate Around Eyes 15ml

Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Yoghurt - Gentle Care with natural 100% rose oil