Bath salt - Green pharmacy lavender and lemon balm 500 g


Natural sea bath salt from the Green Pharmacy with lavender and lemon balm contains minerals and essential oils. Sea salt has a restorative effect due to its rich composition of minerals, macro and microelements. Accelerates the process of losing weight.
A healthy sea salt bath enriched with lavender and lemon balm essential oils provides relaxation and skin care. Essential oils of lavender and lemon balm refresh and tone the skin.

The aroma of lavender eliminates anxiety and brings calm to thoughts and emotions, helps to deeply relax and restore inner strength. Give your skin beauty and relaxation with sea salt from Natural Pharmacy!

Recommendations for use
Dissolve 100 g (4-5 tbsp) salt in warm water. To obtain a pronounced effect, add up to 250 g of salt per bath. Take baths at a water temperature of up to 35-39C for 10-20 minutes every day or every other day. 10-15 procedures are recommended.