Soap containing birch tar, alas, does not have a pleasant aroma, but it helps to calm down the rashes
on the face and can be a real salvation from age spots. The composition of tar soap is quite rich,
it contains organic acids, volatile, as well as a hairdryer, various resins and xylene.

The main beneficial properties of soap: it has an effective peeling effect, helps quickly and gently remove old skin flakes; normalizes the sebaceous glands of the skin, helps to cope with excess fat; provides blood flow to the skin, which additionally nourishes the skin with vitamins, slowing hair loss; quickly eliminates inflammation, helps narrow pores
significantly accelerates skin regeneration; accelerates wound healing, and also relieves irritation and itching; It is used as a prophylactic against dermatological skin problems, and also helps with allergic reactions and psoriasis. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer on the skin of the face and body after the procedure, because such a soap can greatly dry the skin.