Gentle lotion for intimate care women's herbs Green Pharmacy 370 ml



A woman's intimate hygiene is an important step on the path to health and well-being. Taking care of the intimate comfort and health of beautiful women, the developers of the cosmetic line "Green Pharmacy" have developed a gentle milk for intimate hygiene that normalizes "Women's Herbs". The milk contains only natural herbal extracts and infusions that have a calming and antiseptic effect. The product cleanses the skin in the intimate area thoroughly and gently, does not cause itching, irritation and does not violate the acid-base balance.

The milk has a creamy, pleasant consistency and forms a light, gentle foam. It has a fresh smell of summer meadow grasses. The container has a special lid dispenser, which allows for more convenient and economical use. Treat yourself to a minute of comfort and a feeling of cleanliness with the "Frauenkräuter" milk.

Application: apply to the intimate area, rinse with water.