Balm Onion-Garlic, Strengthening, Against Hair Loss, 480 ml


Healthy and beautiful hair is the key to female beauty and self-confidence. To achieve the desired result, every woman needs to find a product that will be ideal for your hair type and solve your problems. For people suffering from brittle hair and hair loss, we recommend that you pay attention and buy “Onion-garlic strengthening balm “Home Doctor”. Many satisfied consumers leave rave reviews on the Internet and cannot get enough of the price-quality ratio of the presented product. What does such a product provide? result? One of the main ingredients is onion extract. Helping the hair from the inside, it has a positive effect on its structure and prevents hair loss, strengthening the hair. Another active ingredient is garlic, which has rightfully earned the title of one of the most useful plants in the world. It contains contains such a variety of vitamins that we can safely say: it is useful for absolutely everyone and can help solve any problem, and hair loss is no exception. Its extract stimulates growth and strengthens existing ones. Active ingredients: onion and garlic extracts Directions for use: apply over the entire length of wet hair, hold for a while and rinse under running water