Buckwheat MAKFA in sachets 400g

Buckwheat groats MAKFA in sachets 400g - 6 sachets

Buckwheat is truly a royal cereal in terms of its usefulness. In buckwheat, there is simply a luxurious combination of vitamins and microelements. Buckwheat grown on the generous land of Altai is considered especially tasty and healthy. And in the MAKFA packs there are selected Altai buckwheat.

Buckwheat groats MAKFA are produced at a new plant, which was also built in the Altai Territory. In production - increased attention to the quality of each process: selection and storage of buckwheat, cleaning, processing and packaging of finished products.
MAKFA buckwheat is good both by itself, and with milk, and with mushrooms and onions - safe options for both a side dish and an independent dish. We throw the buckwheat into boiling water, in the meantime, quickly fry the mushrooms and onions, and then mix - and at the table.
Brews for 15 minutes.

100% natural product
Gluten free
Protein source
Slow Carbohydrate Source
Maximum combination of vitamins and minerals
Brewed in sachets
What to cook
Daily menu
Baby food
Sports nutrition
Proper nutrition
Vegetarian dishes
Diet and dietary meals
Fasting days
Lenten dishes
309 kcal
carbohydrates - 57.1 g
proteins - 12.6 g
fats - 3.3 g
PP - 4.2 mg
B1 - 0.43 mg
B2 - 0.2 mg
Available in 400 g packaging