Burdock Energy ScalpSerum 89 ml

Scalp serum The Doctor Health&Care Burdock Energy 89 ml

Hair serum The Doctor Health&Care Burdock Energy 89 ml for dull and brittle hair prone to hair loss. Contains extracts of burdock, nettle, lupine, centella lovage. Nourishes and pays attention to hair, warns against temporary hair loss.

– Decoction of the arrival of burdock – saturates with bioactive substances.
– Nettles are restored.
– Centella slow – protection against negative income.
– For Lupine – a subtle healthy shine.
– Lovage – helps accelerate hair growth.

The main active ingredient of The Doctor Health&Care Burdock Energy serum 89 ml is burdock extract, at the same time a large amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for hair. The serum ensures proper maintenance and nutrition of the hair, taking into account its characteristics, and reduces hair fragility and dryness. It helps increase hair volume and reduce hair loss, increase the size of new hair, improve its texture and appearance.

Burdock Energy Serum from The Doctor brand is suitable for damaged and weak hair and all hair types. It has a light consistency, does not stick hair and quickly absorbs moisture.

Use The Doctor Health&Care Burdock Energy Serum once you have reached the hair, apply it to the scalp. No need to rinse off.