Salad Vinegret 500g


Vinegret is a salad in Russian cuisine which is also popular in other Eastern European countries. The main ingredients are diced cooked vegetables (beetroots, potatoes, carrots).

The naming comes from vinaigrette, which is used as a dressing. However, in spite of the name, vinegar is often omitted in modern cooking, and sunflower or other vegetable oil is used. 

Along with Olivier salad and dressed herring, vinegret is served as zakuska on celebration tables.

Despite the widespread popularity in Russia and Ukraine, the basic mixed salad recipes were adopted from Western European cuisines as late as the 19th century.  Modern Russian and Ukrainian cookbooks still mention the possibility of adding mushrooms, meat or fish but this is rarely practised.

Ingredients: beetroot, potato, carrot, onion, salted cucumbers, green peas, unrefined sunflower oil.

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