Lovare Tea "Alpine Herbs" 80g

  • Power of Nature and Spring: Warmth of spring meadows and love of sun are contained inside Alpine Herbs tea tube. Convenient cylindrical form and loose tea leaves inside are what any tea-lover values.
  • Multiple Fragrances: Alpine Herbs tea is produced from lemongrass, chamomile flowers, rose hips, orange peel, mint, blackberry leaves, apple, orange blossom, echinacea, safflower petals, and cornflower petals give tea deep and rich taste.
  • Aromas and Flavor: While drinking tea loose leaves you may feel sweetness, freshness, fruity and floral notes. Alpine Herbs tea is what anyone desires after long working days and during family celebrations.
  • Gift You Could Wish for: Take Alpine Herbs tea as a present for beloved ones. Looseleaf tea in floral yellow tube is designed to always please eye.