Each person is faced with situations when it is not possible to have a full meal, but you still want to get rid of the disturbing feeling of hunger. Doshirak chicken-flavored instant noodles will help to cope with such moments. To enjoy its taste, you just need boiling water and a couple of minutes of waiting.
Noodles are sold in original packaging weighing 110 g. The product is made from natural and safe ingredients: premium wheat flour, vegetable oil, food additive thickener (starch), salt, food additive emulsifier "K - 300 A" (soybean oil, emulsifier E322 , gluten, complex food additive stabilizer "premix" (stabilizers: E501i, E412, E452i), mixed seasonings (sugar, yeast extract, vegetable protein, onion, soy sauce powder).To store the product, you need a place where room temperature is maintained.
Looking for something tasty to eat during your lunch at work? Doshirak noodle soup is an excellent choice. Buy this dish and it will help get rid of hunger.