Sweets Dark Chocolate Bar "Serenade", Laima 90g


At the beginning of the last century a young and very talented chocolatier worked at the Laima factory. He was greatly in love with a girl; instead of simply proposing to her he decided to do it in an original manner. As the sweetest proof of his love he created a new chocolate and named it Serenāde — a gift to his beloved one. Do you know a woman to be able to reject such a sweet proposal? True love is mightier than the time. Serenāde, being one of the most loved chocolates for many sweets-lover generations, is a proof of this.
Now the popular sweet Serenāde is offered also as 100g chocolate bar; the special nuances of Serenāde taste are marked by the dark chocolate, apricots, hazel nuts and a bit of the magic, which is only known by the chocolatier.