"Jāņu" cheese ±400g


It is only short time left until one of the most important celebrations in Latvian culture – Summer Solstice also known as Ligo (Li:go). And what would Ligo be without  traditional cheese and beer...

420g +/- 20g. Ingredients: skimmed milk, cottage cheese, butter, chicken egg mass, table salt, cumin, natural coloring Annato (E160b). Energy value: 852kJ / 203kcal. 100g of product contains: fat 8.1g, including saturated fatty acids 4.9g, carbohydrates 1.4g, including sugars 1.4g, protein 31.1g, salt 1.2g. Storage temperature: +2 to + 6 ° C. Country of origin: Latvia. Manufacturer: A / S Rankas piens, Gulbene district, Rankas parish, Ranka

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