Set N 1 - Alaska

Orders which include frozen products will be dispatched only on Wednesdays.

Set N1 included:

- Dumplings With Pork Meat "Koldunai Gimtines" 1kg

- Dumplings With Pork Meat "Pod Vodochku Na Troih" 1kg

- Pancakes With Cottage Cheese, "Blini S Tvorogom" 1kg

- Pancakes With Meat "Blini S Miasom" 1kg

- Meat And Potato Pancakes "Zemaiciu Heat And Eat" 320g 

- Dumplings With Potato & Mushrooms "Ekspresso" 450g

- Pancakes With Ham And Cheese "Heat & Eat" 300g

- Dumplings With Curd, 450g 

- Dumplings with Meat 1 kg

- Pancakes with Meat 1 kg