Mead Nectar Suktinis 50% alc, 0.35l


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The drink named after the popular Lithuanian folk dance is the most popular mead of all meads currently produced. The savory materials were given up by honey, carnation blossoms, poplar buds, oak acorns, juniper berries, and many other valuable herbs. Rich taupe color is reached by the use of natural blueberry, black currant and raspberry juice. This drink of great aroma and taste is of 50 % alcohol by volume, the process of maturity takes 18-20 months, it is poured into little glasses and taken with tea, coffee, and it goes well with spicy meat dishes. It is used in cooking, marinating. In 2004 Suktinis was acknowledged as the Lithuanian Product of the Year and granted a status of culinary heritage. Suktinis is the winner of a medal for excellence at the AgroBalt Exhibition 2005.