Magnum Birch Sap with Rhubarb 750ml

A Magnum Birch sap with rhubarb taste is a natural product with fresh and natural rhubarb flavouring; the glass of it contains a particularly high amount of nutrients valuable to the body: vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, glucose, fructose, essential oils.

Birch tree sap is a natural beverage obtained directly from nature. It seems easy, but in fact, sap is one of the most technologically complex natural drinks. We are happy to have a professional team that developed and patented Magnum sap sterilization process. As a result, we can supply natural sap to stores all year round, and our customers can enjoy this delicious, refreshing and useful drink at Christmas and on the Midsummer Day… 

Magnum birch sap exclusivity :

  1. Made of 100% natural birch sap;
  2. Healthy diet drink suitable for all ages;
  3. Light and fresh taste (natural, fresh minto r with lemon juice)
  4. Rich in natural vitamins and minerals;
  5. Low in calories;
  6. Aseptic, recyclable package;
  7. No preservatives, colourings, artifitial flavours and GMO