Wheat Bread With Pumpkin Seeds "Urtes", 360g


"Urtė" wheat bread is made according to a new baking technology, which moves the product to a higher, more luxurious category - "like from a bakery". Soft and fluffy, rich in pumpkin seeds and flax seeds, with open-torn sides. This uniquely baked bread is perfect for toasting, making hot sandwiches or treating friends who have wandered by. It goes well not only with sweet and salty condiments, but is also delicious on its own.


WHEAT flour 46%, water, whole wheat flour 13.7%, pumpkin seeds 8.5% (non-EU), linseed 6.2%, yeast, sugar, rapeseed oil, iodized salt, WHEAT GLUTEN, flour processing material ascorbic acid, preservative sorbic acid, BARLEY malt extract. Allergens: Contains: wheat flour, barley malt extract.

Nutritional value(100g/ml)
Energy value1229 kJ / 292 kcal
Fats8.30 g
Saturated fatty acids2.00 g
Carbs41.00 g
Sugar2.30 g
Fibrous materials6.00 g
Proteins11.00 g
Salt1.10 g