Volumetric 3D sticker "Coat of arms of the Russian Federation"


Volumetric metal 3D sticker Coat of arms of the Russian Federation - looks solid and will be a great addition to a phone or tablet case, whether it's a book or an overlay. The self-adhesive steel coat of arms is voluminous, so the phone will not slip in your hand. The coat of arms sticker can be attached to a phone case, in a car interior, on the cover of an identity card, passport or wallet. 3d sticker coat of arms of Russia is securely fixed on almost any smooth flat surface. The metal sticker has a strong double-sided adhesive tape, so that when worn it will not peel off or fall off. A special protective transparent top layer is applied to the Emblem of the coat of arms, which allows for a long time to preserve the original appearance. An excellent gift 3D sticker, suitable as a gift to please.