Vodka "Nemiroff Original" 40% Alc. 0.5L

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Vodka from Nemiroff - Ukrainian national strong alcoholic beverage made ​​by ancient recipe with honey and spicy cumin. This vodka differs original taste and flavor. Nemiroff vodka from strongly recommended to serve chilled to hearty meals and snacks, as well as used for mixing cocktails. According to one version to produce vodka in Ukraine began in the days of Zaporizhzhya Sich, t. E. Somewhere in the beginning of the 16th century. In Russia, the national drink was called "the burnt wine" from the properties of vodka ignited, and has long been forbidden to import due to low quality alcohol and a terrible smell. But in Ukraine vodka allowed to use. Over time, the vodka started adding spices and herbs to give the product of exquisite quality.

The first plant, which began to produce vodka Nemiroff, was opened in 1872 by Count Stroganov in a small town in central Ukraine - Nemiroff. Products of this company quickly gained fame and respect from all sectors of society. Nemirovskaya vodka supplied to the imperial court and was exported to many countries in Europe are gradually becoming popular all over the world. Today Nemiroff is one of three major global companies along with vodka Absolut and Smirnoff, beverage companies know and love more than 72 countries of the world. All drinks Nemiroff made of the purest water, extracted from our own artesian wells, as well as natural ingredients that are grown in ecologically clean regions. Thanks to a select raw materials, adherence to ancient traditions and the use of the latest technology products Nemiroff get such a unique and high quality. More:

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