Minkovi Brothers Brandy 40% alc 500 ml

Minkovi Brothers Brandy from the Cellar 500 ml

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Brandy from the Minkovi Brothers Cellar is produced according to an old recipe of the brothers Ivan, Vasil and Nikofor Minkovi, who at the end of the 9th century began to produce limited quantities for themselves, friends and a select circle of guests of the winery. Especially for the production of brandy, the brothers grow the Muscat Otonel variety, which is still the only variety from which brandy is distilled.
It combines the traditions of the old masters, as well as the expectations and requirements of the new time and its high technological capabilities. Harmonious and delicate, Brandy from the Minkovi Brothers Cellar brings a feeling of pleasant sweetness and a long aromatic finish.