Gingerbread mold wooden Matryoshka - 1 pcs


Wooden mold for gingerbread Matryoshka. It's not difficult to create masterpieces when you have pastry chef's helpers like gingerbread molds, to which the dough does not stick and makes baking easier. A variety of textures and shapes, types and sizes will allow your kitchen imagination not to limit yourself. And the process of manufacturing products and the result will bring a lot of pleasure. Homemade honey gingerbread in molds can be made with or without filling, in the form of sweets and Christmas gifts. Form size 115*105 mm, print size 100*65 mm, depth 20 mm. Amazing Tula gingerbread will be a wonderful cake decoration for the new year. Gingerbread food board Ural Beavers with a unique handmade pattern made of natural wood is an ideal solution for beginners and professionals. Delight your loved ones with culinary masterpieces!

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