Black Ram Blended Whisky 40% 0.7l


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For the Black Ram Whiskey only high quality, specially made malt is used, which ensures the unmistakable whiskey flavor. The malt distillate combines the experts of Vinprom Peshtera with exquisite barley distillate. The golden barley and pure mountain water provide the inimitable character of the spirit. The combination of malt and grain distillates makes Black Ram a fine drop with all the characteristics of a good whiskey. The individual composition of well-balanced distillates turns Black Ram into a delicious spirit. For three years, distillates for the whiskey mature in oak barrels. The expansion in the wood ensures the intense and aroma-rich character of the high percentage. The intense, golden yellow color pleases the eye and the finish carries refined notes of wood, vanilla and malt. The Black Ram whiskey tastes best with two ice cubes. Then the complex characteristics of the spirit come into their own.

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