Beer "Baltika 7 Premium" 5.5% Alc. 0.47L


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The launch of the Baltika #7 Export brand was timed to the Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg in 1994. Since then the Baltika #7 has steadily been the market leader at the top of the premium segment. The Baltika #7 beer is made from selective malt and rare hops and is distinguished for its special softness and fullness.

The "Seven" consumers are open to communication; they value everything that is aimed at development and know that they are capable of achieving more in life. And the Baltika #7 enables them to feel progressive, striving for the best and for new achievements.

The "Seven" is exported to over 40 near and far-abroad countries. London, New York, Berlin, Paris, Sidney, Tokyo and Moscow are far from making the complete list of the world capitals where the rich flavor of the Baltika #7 is appreciated.

This variety has more than 20 awards of professional and consumer contests, both national and international. In 2007 and 2008 the Baltika Seven was awarded a silver medal of the professional Australian International Beer Awards contest. In addition, practically annually the Baltika #7 is declared "The Best Light Beer" by the results of people’s tasting at the Moscow Beer Festival.

In December 2008 Baltika Breweries for the first time participated in the oldest World Beer Championships in the USA. The jury of the contest traditionally included both professional experts and common connoisseurs of the foamy drink. The samples were traditionally tasted by "blind testing", which guaranteed unbiased evaluation. The Baltika #7 Export won silver in the "Dortmunder, Lager" category.

The "Seven" is justly considered to be one of the most progressive and innovative brands of the Baltika line. In the mid-nineties the Baltika #7 became the first Russian canned beer brand.

For many years Baltika #7 reserves the place of the leader in the premium beer segment. According to the Business Analytica agency, sales of the "Seven" brand grew in 2008 by +24%; its share in the premium segment increased by 2% and reached 19,2%.

Baltika #7 is produced under a license in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan.