Cream for Children with Vitamins A, F, and Сhamomile Extract 75ml

For children from 0 months.

Baby cream with vitamins A, F, and chamomile extract is used as a prophylactic and hygienic means against skin irritation and diaper rash in children. Chamomile extract soothes the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects, and eucalyptus oil - is an effective antiseptic. Vitamins A and F contribute to the regeneration of the skin and maintain its protective functions. Classic children's cream solves a wide range of skin problems, so you can find it in the medicine cabinet of any caring parent.


  • The protective agent for the skin, prevents redness and irritation.
  • It promotes healing of skin disorders.
  • In aluminum tube preserves the natural healing composition without the use of preservatives.
  • It can be used even for infants and children with particularly sensitive skin.
  • The cream is enriched with active ingredients useful: extractors chamomile, eucalyptus oil, lanolin.
  • Hypoallergenic.