Botopatchi Set - Perfect itself - "Dizao Natural" - 1 pcs

Botopatchi Set - Perfect itself - "Dizao Natural" 99% natural hydrogels, 36 g

A set of hydrogel BOTOpatch® dizao is designed to care for the most mimically active areas of the face. Muscle relaxant peptides - an alternative to injection techniques, acting effectively and safely, will help smooth out the most persistent facial wrinkles: crow's feet, purse-string and glabellar wrinkles, as well as nasolabial folds. Shape: the area around the eyes, around the lips, between the brows, the nasolabial lines
Carefully designed patch shapes fit comfortably on precisely those areas of the face that require increased care. 99% natural ingredients. Transparent BOTO patches® are invisible on the skin, which makes it possible to use them outside the home: in the office, in transport, on the street, using this time for the benefit of your skin.