Берёзовый Сок с Мятой 750мл

Non-alcoholic Mojito for every day! Birch sap with mint is a very special product. We were able to combine usefulness of sap with mint aroma and flavour. Some gourmets call Magnum sap with mint a non-alcoholic Mojito for every day. Taste it and “Cheers!” Let it be to your health in the true sense of these words.

Birch tree sap is a natural beverage obtained directly from nature. It seems easy, but in fact, sap is one of the most technologically complex natural drinks. We are happy to have a professional team that developed and patented Magnum sap sterilization process. As a result, we can supply natural sap to stores all year round, and our customers can enjoy this delicious, refreshing and useful drink at Christmas and on the Midsummer Day…

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Традиционный Берёзовый Сок 750мл

Taste of nature! A natural Magnum Birch sap is a natural product; the glass of it contains a particularly high amount of nutrients valuable to the body: vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, glucose, fructose, essential oils.