Tatar cast-iron cauldron, 12 l, with lid and handle 1 pc


Durable product made of environmentally friendly material, preserves the natural taste, body and lid of hardened cast iron. Uncoated cast iron cookware is made of natural environmentally friendly material. Cast iron is one of the best materials for the manufacture of cookware. It can be heated to high temperatures, it is practical, does not emit toxic substances, has a high heat capacity and is able to serve for decades. Uncoated cast iron cookware is designed for cooking fried and stewed dishes on any kind of stove. Supplied with instructions for use and care.Returns due to rust will not be accepted!

  • 12 litre capacity With handle and lid
  • Diameter approx. 40 cm. Height: approx. 17 cm. Wall thickness: approx. 3-5 mm. Weight: approx. 9.7 kg.
  • For frying and stewing on an oven fire, not dishwasher-safe.
  • Curved side with no corners and edges
  • Raw cast iron without coating (such as non-stick or enamel) from use must be burnt on.