Splat Blackwood Whitening Toothpaste Dark Mint 75g

Specially for those strong in spirit! Powerful whitening and normalisation of pH balance in oral cavity.
Manufacturer: SPLAT

Birch charcoal whitens enamel and absorbs odours.
Juniper berry extract creates unbeatable antibacterial effect.
Highly effective antiseptic agent Biosol exerts anti-inflammatory properties.

Black toothpaste Blackwood has been created specially for those who need maximum breath freshness, naturally white healthy teeth and long-term antibacterial effect.

Juniper berries extract and a complex of active ingredients ensure protection against bacteria and plaque formation. Highly effective antiseptic agent Biosol prevents bacterial growth and maintains gum health.

Karelian birch charcoal whitens enamel, absorbs odours and contaminants, as well as forms the unique shiny black colour of the product. The toothpaste whitens teeth effectively and safely, inhibits bacterial growth and maintains fresh breath, ensures effective protection from dental tartar formation and restores normal saliva pH. The toothpaste has an astringent flavour of juniper.