Shampoo "Beauty Farm" goat milk, 600 ml, for healthy and thick hair


Goat's milk - a natural source of vitamins and nutrients, has long been used in cosmetology. The conditions of modern life require intensive nutrition of our hair. Thanks to the high content of calcium and phosphorus, milk effectively restores and strengthens the hair, making them healthy and shiny. The shampoo includes keratin and vitamins B5, H, PP, each of which is necessary for hair care. PP - nourishes and moisturizes the scalp. B5 - prevents brittleness and cross section. N - stimulates hair growth. Keratin is a constituent element of the hair and provides additional protection from external factors.

Ingredients: Water, goat milk, elastin, vitamin B2, B6, N.

Application: Apply shampoo to damp hair and scalp with massaging movements, whip the foam. Leave on hair for 1-2 minutes, rinse with water.