Serum Reanimator 100ml


Serum reanimator Horse Force is designed for care after washing, before styling hair.
Provides easy combing without tangling and beautiful styling
Hair becomes smooth, flowing, elastic, strong, elastic, with even structure and beautiful natural shine.
It is necessary to care for split, brittle and damaged thermal or chemical effects and daily hair styling.
Restores the damaged hair structure, seals the ends of the hair.

Keratin effectively fills the voids between the keratinous plates, restoring the tightness of the cuticle to the trunk of the hair.
Butter oil - is used in the prevention of high degrees of alopecia and restoration of damaged scalp hair bulbs.
Black cumin oil - nourishes and strengthens the roots of hair. It is a preventive measure against skin problems.
Amla oil - restores damaged hair, improves blood circulation, regenerates cellular metabolism and stimulates hair growth, strengthens roots and bulbs, relieves irritation and inflammation, gives antiseptic protection.
Argan oil is a super antioxidant of vegetable origin, an elixir of youth for hair. It is ideal for the restoration of the damaged, colored, dull, brittle, porous, weakened hair.
Essential oil ylang-ylang - allows you to cleanse the skin of all kinds of foci of infection.

Mode of application:
1. After washing the hair to facilitate combing and protection: spray the  reanimator on wet, towel-dried hair along their entire length, paying special attention to the tips.
Brush hair.
Leave for impact.
Do not rinse.
After 1-2 minutes, you can start hair styling in your usual way.

2. Before styling to protect and create a shiny hair: spray a small amount of product on the hair, paying special attention to the tips.
Brush hair.
Do not rinse.

Recommendations for use:
Girls 14+ women who want to restore their hair after staining, keratin straightening, frequent use of hair dryer and daily styling.
To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use as an additional care in combination with the basic: shampoo Horse power, balm Horse power and a melting mask with hyaluronic acid and extract of pepper Horse power.