Serum for Hair Growth "Recipes grandmother Agafia" 150 ml


Active herbal serum "first aid Kit Agafia" for hair growth recipe old herbalist consists of seven herbal ingredients, which beneficially affect the growth of hair. The secret of this product lies in the proportions of herbal ingredients that are part of it. Each component has a positive effect on hair structure. br>
in Addition to the herbs, whey Grandma Agafia hair growth includes other components: the Burning extract derived from red pepper. Heat improves blood circulation in the skin of the head, due to this, in the field of hair growth concentrates the oxygen and nutrients, it has a stimulating effect on hair follicles. br>
This component increases the useful effect of burdock root and one element of treatment – brewer's yeast.
Vitamin B5, contributing to the preservation of health and prestudy fading of beauty. This vitamin makes hair stronger, increases their resistance to the negative influence of external factors.