Scalp Serum Tar with Ichthyol + Sebo-Stop Complex Anti-Dandruff 89ml

Scalp serum The Doctor Health&Care Tar with Ichthyol + Sebo-Stop complex Anti-dandruff 89ml

Anti-dandruff 89 ml for all hair types and scalp prone to dandruff. Contains tar and ichthyol, as well as the SEBO-STOP complex from a decoction of willow bark, oak bark and hop cones. Eliminates itching and flaking on the scalp. Soothes irritation, refreshes the skin, prevents the formation of dandruff.

– Tar – regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands, disinfects and relieves inflammation.
– Ichthyol – helps regulate sebum secretion, stimulates hair growth, eliminates signs of dandruff.
– Decoctions of willow bark, oak and hop cones – normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, stimulate growth and restore hair.

Anti-Dandruff Serum from The Doctor helps reduce dandruff and provides hydration to the scalp. It has a pleasant smell and is easy to apply to the scalp. The main active ingredient is ichthyol, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, helps reduce itching and flaking on the scalp. The Sebo-Stop complex contains a number of components that regulate sebum production, reduce hair oiliness and improve the condition of the scalp. It is recommended to use the serum regularly to achieve maximum effect.