Red October Premium, 500g


Approximate list of products in the box - these may not reflect exactly the pack you receive:

Golden key 2 pcs.
Kiss-kiss 2 pcs.
Alyonka mix of flavors 2 pcs.
"Come on, take it!" chocolate cream flavor 1 pc.
Bear clumsy 2 pcs.
Marine 2 pcs.
Kara-Kum 2 pcs.
Bear Clubfoot Honey Roasting 2 pcs.
Truffles ginger-gingerbread flavor 1 pc.
Grillage in chocolate glaze 2 pcs.
Niva 1 pc.
Chamomile 1 pc.
Little Red Riding Hood 1 pc.
Citron 1 pc.
Swallow 2 pcs.
Mom arrived 1 pc.
Charlie Camber with cheese flavor 1 pc.
Kinocorn with popcorn flavor 1 pc.
Potato 2 pcs.
Oriental grilled 1 pc.
Kozinachki with salt 1 pc.
Bars ROT FRONT 2 pcs.
Alyonka with stuffing with merry-go-rounds, 87 g 1 pc.
Total 34
Weight:: 500g

Composition:: Premium