Pencil Antiseptic Iodine 2.5% 5 ml


Composition: Active substance - iodine 0.125 g, excipients - potassium iodide - 0.125 g, ethyl alcohol 90% - up to 5 ml and purified water - 0.125 ml.

Indications: Iodine pencil is used externally as an antiseptic for treating the edges of wounds, abrasions, cuts, microtraumas, used for marking, processing the surgical field and doctor's fingers, treating fungal skin diseases, with myositis.

Application: remove the cap and apply the solution to the damaged skin. Use topically. Damaged areas of the skin should be treated as needed. The device is intended for individual use. Close the lid after applying the solution.

Packing: 5 ml of 2.5% alcohol solution of iodine in a plastic stick, 1 pc.

Storage: Do not store above 30°C in original packaging to protect from light and children. Does not require special storage conditions.