Panthenol 5% 46 ml Cream

Panthenol - pharmacological drug from reparants group used to treat burns and wound surfaces.

Panthenol 5% cream for topical application 1 g contains 50 mg of active substance and auxiliaries (ketomakrogol, cetanol, cetearyl octanoate, dimethicone, glyceryl monostearate, propylene glycol, propilparagidroksi benzoate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, water, flavoring). White cream, homogeneous, with a specific aroma.

Panthenol is applied in violation of the integrity of the skin, as a result of injuries, burns (thermal, chemical) and other reasons. burns of various origins (thermal, solar, chemical); abrasions, scratches; dermatitis (including diaper dermatitis in infants), diaper rash; cracks and inflammatory changes in the nipples of mammary glands in lactating mothers; negative effect on the prevention of skin environmental factors (wind, cold, dampness, etc.); treatment of venous ulcers of various origins, bedsores, extensive wound surfaces (for Panthenol ointment); treatment of the skin around traheo-, gastro, colostomy to prevent occurrence of damage to the skin. Panthenol ointment can also be used in the treatment of poorly healing skin grafts. As an additional source of pantothenic acid and fat products this drug can be used for the treatment of very dry skin.