Night toothpaste "Forest Balm" 75 ml

During sleep, tooth enamel is at an increased risk of developing cavities, as bacterial activity in the mouth increases. Night prophylactic toothpaste Forest Balsam is a combination of modern enamel cleaning technologies and 100% natural ingredients. The action of toothpaste is aimed at enhanced restoration of tooth enamel and soft tissues of the oral cavity during sleep. The formula of the night toothpaste is reinforced with mineral compounds, has a mild abrasive system and strengthens the gums. Clinically proven effect *: - remineralizes the enamel and makes it up to 2 times stronger - effectively protects against bacteria and tartar - improves the condition of the gums Features of the composition: 1) Abrasive system night toothpaste does not damage the enamel. Due to the special finely dispersed form of abrasive particles, plaque is cleaned as intensively as possible, over the entire surface of the teeth, including along the gum line, while daily brushing of the teeth does not lead to abrasion of the enamel. 2) Verbena in combination with a decoction of herbs improves gum nutrition and blocks the development of bacteria in the oral cavity 3) Wild mint oil normalizes the balance of oral microflora and maintains a feeling of fresh breath for a long time. Toothpaste is recommended for evening brushing, for caring for weakened tooth enamel, for restoring the natural whiteness of teeth. Suitable for pregnant women. Toothpaste can be used daily in the morning and in the evening. *Effectiveness confirmed by clinical trials, Russia 2019.