Kisel blueberry 200g


We bring to your attention a line of Kissels on a natural basis of the Fitodar trademark. In particular Kissel on a natural basis Blueberry!
Kissel brand "Fitodar" is one of the most useful drinks, due to the content of natural berries and vitamin premix in it.
Due to the viscous structure, this drink envelops the mucous membrane, improves digestion and prevents the appearance of dysbacteriosis, which is very important for the proper absorption of all vitamins and microelements that enter our body with food.
Useful qualities of jelly depend, first of all, on the basis on which it is prepared. All kissels "Fitodar" are made only on natural bases from berries, fruits, milk and even oatmeal. Therefore, the most useful and vital vitamins, dietary fibers, microelements and organic acids are preserved in "Phytodar" Kissels.
Thanks to the natural base - lingonberry berries, as well as a vitamin premix, lingonberry Kissel will support the body with additional vitamins. Red berries also contain the flavonoid anthocyanin, which helps strengthen capillaries and improve memory.
One glass (200 ml) of this jelly contains 30-50% of the daily vitamin requirement for preschool children and 25-40% of the daily requirement for an adult. (The content of vitamin C in one serving is 28% of the recommended daily requirement). Children under 10 years old are recommended one glass a day as a third meal. Teenagers, adults and the elderly - one to two glasses daily.

Drink healthy and tasty drinks "Fitodar" Take care of yourself and your loved ones!!!