Iletsk Bath Salt "Fito Cosmetics" to Relieve Stress and Fatigue 530


SATURATED WITH BROMINE, SILICON AND MAGNESIUM.With ESSENTIAL OILS of JASMINE AND NEROLI + bag with natural relaxing complex that relieves tension,restores the harmony of body and soul,nourishes it with minerals gives the skin a tone and elasticity.NATURAL ILETSKAYA SALT WITH the RELAXING COMPLEX is the most popular Spa treatment in Your bath.Saturated with bromine, silicon and magnesium Iletskaya salt with natural essential oils of Jasmine and neroli nourishes the skin with minerals, giving it elasticity and elasticity. Instantly relieves nervous tension and fatigue, enveloped in a sensual, delicate aroma of a blooming garden, gives relaxation and allows you to completely forget about problems. Natural relaxing complex has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, eliminates depression, insomnia and anxiety, returns the joy of life and good mood. Only 15-20 minutes pleasant relaxation and You are again full of energy, strength and vitality, as if just arrived from the coast.