Gift Flashlight, 250g


Approximate list of products in the box - it may not accurately reflect the set you receive:

Bear Clubfoot Honey Roasting 1 pc.
Gourmand with creme brulee flavor 1 pc.
Little Red Riding Hood 1 pc.
Cow 30% milk 1 pc.
Bars ROT FRONT 1 pc.
Cow Favorite 2 pcs.
Matryoshka with nut flavor 1 pc.
"Come on, take it!" chocolate cream flavor 2 pcs.
Cola-flavoured jelly 1 pc.
Alyonka, 2 pcs. 0 g 1 pc.
COOKIES Alyonka flavor milk 1 pc.
WAFERS Auto racing 1 pc.
Total 14
Weight:: 250 g.

Composition:: Premium