Flour Mixture for Waffles, 400 g

UNIQUE RECIPE For crispy waffles with a pleasant texture. EASY TO PREPARE Only some water and oil needed additionally.


400 g of flour mix + 100 g margarine or butter+ 150 ml of water

  1. Pour the whole content of the package into a bowl. While mixing, pour approximately 150 ml of cold water and selectively 100 g of dissolved butter or margarine. Mix well until a sold mass (mixer can be used).
  2. Heat waffle pan until medium level. Grease both sides of the pan.
  3. Pour a spoon (40 g) of the dough into the middle of the pan and press both sides of the pan. Cook for 30-40 seconds until lightly browned.
  4. Roll warm waffles to give them a desirable shape.
  5. Serve cooled with favorite ice-cream or whipped cream.

Cooking tips

  • If you want to make waffle cones, make sure to do this immediately after taking waffles out of the pan.
  • This flour mix can also be used to make heart-shaped pancakes. The only difference is that heart-shaped pancakes made with this flour mix do not have a crispy feeling and texture.