Cream Balm for Hands SOS Regeneration 45 ml

Cream balm for hands SOS regeneration "velvet hands" 45 ml

Velvet Pens is an intensive care system designed and tested by professionals! Velvet Hand Intensive Care is a professional approach to solving problems of the skin of the hands: for the first time, a line of products directly affects the causes of imperfections at a deep level, not only nourishing, but also transforming the appearance of the skin. The highly effective concentrated formula has a complex effect on the skin of the hands:

• restores the skin's own barrier
• retains moisture in the skin
• saturates the skin with vitamins
The active concentration of vitamins, panthenol, aloe vera extract, provides the most effective restoration of the skin of the hands. As a result, a special breathable protection is formed on the skin, which minimizes the influence of external factors, helps to restore the barrier layer of the skin, and retains its effectiveness even after washing hands. Extra-regenerating deep-acting hand cream-balm removes the causes of dryness, quickly regenerates and softens the skin for a long time.

Suitable for very dry and chapped skin