CHERNOGOLOVKA - Drink lemonade "Baikal" 0.33L

The recipe for the Baikal drink was created by the Institute of the Brewing and Non-Alcoholic Industry in 1973. The medicinal herbs of St. John's wort, licorice root and Eleutherococcus, which are part of the composition, gave the drink a unique taste and endowed with medicinal properties. The Aqualife company has kept the traditional recipe, thanks to which the drink won the love and recognition of consumers. The Aqualife company has exclusive rights to the production and sale of the drink Baikal, both in Russia and in 30 countries of the world.
The Baikal lemonade contains natural essential oils and herbal extracts, the exquisite combination of which gives the drink a spicy aroma and rich taste. The manufacturer uses only natural sugar and the purest artesian water. All this helps the drink of Baikal to repeat the taste of real "Baikal" as accurately as possible.