Caviar, Sturgeon, Black "Sibirskogo Osetra", Erste 50g


Caviar of Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) (Malosol)

The color of eggs of Siberian sturgeon varies from silvery gray to black. The size of the eggs of the Siberian sturgeon caviar is slightly smaller than that of the Russian, but the caviar is fatter. According to its taste, caviar sturgeon takes a leading place. Black caviar is a classic Russian delicacy. For the rarity and unusual taste this caviar is called black gold. The first-class quality of caviar is due to the fact that caviar is used only for mature fish with large and well-designed eggs. Black caviar of this quality has the finest and delicate taste. It is not only a tasty and useful product, but also a symbol of wealth and well-being. This is a royal decoration for any festive table. The combination of black caviar and champagne has long been associated with the luxury of the elite. Unfortunately, only a few can afford such a luxury. This expensive product is packed in a glass jar, which will allow you to personally verify the quality of the product. A fifty-gram package guarantees the freshness of the product.