Bath salts "Fito Cosmetics" 530,Siberian brine "Pine"


ENRICHED OILS OF SIBERIAN FIRES, PINE AND ATLAS CEDAR + bag with coniferous complex, relieves muscle tension, normalizes metabolism, protects against colds, improves emotional state. SIBERIAN BREW SALT WITH CONIFERN COMPLEX is a real spa treatment in your bath. Healing Siberian salt of brine, enriched with essential oils of Siberian fir, pine and Atlas cedar creates an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, evoking memories of the summer forest, perfectly relieves tension, relaxes muscles, normalizes metabolism, protects against colds, softens and rejuvenates the skin. Special coniferous complex strengthens the nervous system, raises working capacity, improves mood and emotional background. After a few procedures, you will feel how much the tubular baths have strengthened your body and activated its defenses, as after visiting the sanatorium.

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