Balsam-Mask for hair"Homemade" 500 ml,brewer's yeast,and olive oil, Shine and strength


Hair mask "yeast and olive oil" from the company "family doctor" will give your hair great moisture, smoothness and incredible Shine. A major component of this balm are brewer's yeast, which is known for its property of making the hair incredibly smooth, silky and soft, while strengthening the hair structure. The complex of oils of olive of flax has quickening and regenerating effect and gives vitamins to the scalp and the hair follicles. Hair will become strong and elastic, shiny and silky.¶¶Hair mask "yeast and olive oil" - a good reducing agent for dull and lifeless hair which has lost the necessary balance of moisture, elasticity and natural Shine.¶¶Method of application: apply to the root zone and distribute through hair from root to tip, rinse with water. Do not apply under a shower cap.