Balsam-Mask for hair "Homemade" 500 ml,burdock,castor,rosemary oil,triple strength


Natural remedy relieves hair loss, breakage and split ends. Strands will be thick, a hair strong and manageable.¶¶The product will cure even the most weakened and damaged hair. He will restore the structure of each hair, give strength and elasticity, healthier roots and skin, defeating hair loss. The magnificent result is due to the oils of rosemary and flax, burdock root extract in the composition. Natural ingredients moisturize, nourish and regenerate hair and stimulate growth, giving the density, color saturation and silky softness.¶¶You will have a luxurious head of hair and will forget about hair loss and hair breakage. Only use the balm-mask TM "family Doctor".¶¶Method of application: apply to the root zone and distribute through hair from root to tip, rinse with water. Do not apply under a plastic cap.