Balsam-Mask for hair "Homemade" 500 ml kefir with bee milk

Mask balm bee milk from the well-known Ukrainian producer "family doctor" is the nourishment and strengthening of the entire hair structure from roots to ends. In the present tool contains the extract of flax and milk hydrolyzate together to restore and moisturize the scalp and hair, greatly improving their structure and appearance. Immediately after use your hair will gain a special tenderness and softness, they will be obedient, will look shiny.Thanks to the main ingredient - bee uterine milk - the hair follicles are saturated with beneficial trace elements, which promote the growth of strong and silky hair.The complex of the brand "family doctor" takes care of hair and scalp.Method of application: apply to the root zone and distribute through hair from root to tip, rinse with water. Do not apply under a shower cap.