Amazing hair shampoo Birch, 500 ml


The birch shampoo contains: infusion of birch bark, milk thistle extract, birch sap, soap root extract, meadowsweet extract, Siberian flax oil.

Shampoo "Amazing Agafia Series" "Birch" gently cleanses hair, making it smooth and silky. Moisturizes the scalp. Hair gains vitality, shine and natural volume.

Contains in its composition a special formula, thanks to which the hair product can replace hand soap, shower gel, balm mask and body wrap.

It contains natural ingredients:

Soap root is a natural, more gentle cleansing base that creates a rich lather in shampoos and bath foams.
Infusions and decoctions of Siberian herbs stimulate the balance of the skin, saturating it with vitamins and useful microelements.